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  • Partnerships with advanced technology provider Huawei and established solar panel manufacturer JA Solar
  • Proven in-house engineering and design capabilities
  • Tier-1 suppliers through sound procurement processes
  • Wide selections of energy storage integration and hybrid solutions
  • Smooth interconnections with electrical substations and power grids

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Go Green with Clean Electricity


Commercial Solar Projects

  • Improve financial performance
  • Monetize assets through new revenue streams
  • Increase asset utilization
  • Improve yield

Custom Solar Projects

  • Solar panel roofs for open carpark lots
  • Covered walkways with solar panel roofs
  • Ability to accommodate various design requirements

Future IoT implementation

Internet of Things (IoT) is already a reality. Our PV and solar generation systems will be IoT-ready for the next wave of innovative designs -- those that will reap the benefits of always on, self-aware monitoring systems to help you be greener and leaner than before.


Residential Solar Projects

With government support, residential solar project owners can enjoy close to RM0 monthly electricity bills via Net Energy Metering (NEM) policy.


Reduce Energy Costs

Commercial and industrial users enjoy low power demand charges, are able to optimize differential (time of day) energy prices, and benefit from additional onsite PV generation.


Better integration of renewables

High level of system integration and enhanced power utilization and generation mean protection for our customers' investments, which are backed by meticulous planning, implementation, monitoring and projection -- all with the view of harnessing nextgeneration technology if necessary.

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Types of Solar Energy Projects

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Currently, there are two types of projects.

  1. On-Grid: This involves direct link to the public utility's electric supply network. The on-grid system feeds back electricity generated by the solar panels to the public supply network, and the amount generated is used to offset (via net metering) the amount consumed during times when there is no solar power generation.
  2. Off-Grid: This works separately from public power lines but with means of power storage systems to provide round the clock power even during night time.

The On-Grid Type is using the offset method via the net metering, The usage from Government and offset by our solar energy generated by Solar energy system without purchasing the Battery storage.

While the Off-Grid Type is fully no-connection with the Government Electrical Utility supply, but with the help of battery storage for night self electric consumption.

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